Types of Grants

Funding from the Arizona Community Foundation and Affiliates is awarded year-round to a wide range of community organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies through competitive grant cycles as well as discretionary and advised grantmaking.

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Building a stronger community through grantmaking

There are three types of grants to award funds to the community: competitive, discretionary, and advised.

Competitive Grants

Competitive grant applications are submitted online through the online grants portal during "grant cycles." To be eligible, applying organizations must first create a user account and link the account to their nonprofit organization.

Grant cycles are announced via e-mail, through partner organization communications, on ACF’s Facebook and Twitter pages and through local media. Staff members conduct free workshops statewide in advance of grant cycles to assist prospective applicants in preparing their proposals. Workshops are listed on the Events page.

Unique competitive grant opportunities are available annually in each of our six Affiliate regions: Cochise, Flagstaff, Gila Valley, Sedona, Yavapai County, and Yuma. 

Workshops are offered in each community to answer questions and assist applicants with their grant proposals.

Discretionary Grants

The Arizona Community Foundation awards grants throughout the year from our Field of Interest Funds and Funds for the Common Good, in alignment with our Philanthropic Agenda and the wishes of donors.

Proposals are solicited from nonprofits within certain fields and in broad focus areas. Proposals are then evaluated by diverse community panels and ranked, with the highest-ranked organizations receiving funding.

Advised Grants

Throughout the year, ACF authorizes grants to community organizations at the recommendation of the donors whose gifts established the fund. These grants are made from donor advised funds and supporting organizations within ACF.

Designated funds and nonprofit endowments created to benefit a specific nonprofit organization pay out annual distributions to designated organizations each year.

Overhead Policy

It is the policy of the Arizona Community Foundation not to pay government or university overhead costs or indirect fees of more than 6% of any of its grant awards.

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The Arizona Community Foundation performs the due diligence to ensure recommended grantees are qualified, viable organizations in good standing, and then issues checks from that particular fund. The Philanthropic Services Committee, comprised of ACF Board members and community leaders, approves or ratifies all grants. You can learn more:

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